On the afternoon of June 3, the Publicity Department of Zhuji municipal Party committee, together with the Municipal Federation of literary, art and sports and the Municipal Bureau of education and sports, invited Su Shishu, honorary chairman of the Chinese Calligrapher Association, chairman of the Calligraphy Education Committee of the Chinese society of education, and librarian of the Central Research Institute of literature and history, to give a lecture on “writing Chinese characters well and being Chinese”




The work was collected by the Huaxia Heritage Protection Research Institute of the Ministry of culture, and collected by the American philatelic group in 2017. It was made into stamps and distributed around the world. In 2016, he participated in the compilation activity of the chronicles of contemporary Chinese Shandong and Taiwan calligraphers and painters, and was permanently collected by Shandong Oriental Art Museum, China century calligraphy and Painting Association, and won the group Excellence Award in the second national calligraphy art network competition. From 2017 to 2018, he was invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala of China Education TV station “splashing ink on Chinese feelings” for two consecutive years, and wrote the Spring Festival couplets for the audience. He was awarded the National Excellent Award in the 2018 national art competition of the list of famous Chinese artists. In December 2018, he won the award in the selection of works on display in the Bangkok Cultural Museum of Thailand and was collected by the Bangkok Cultural Museum of Thailand. In 2019, as the sponsor of the city, he organized and participated in the long volume writing of applying for world records. In November 2019, the work struggle was collected by the diplomats of the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in China during the national day of the Republic of Albania. During the epidemic in 2020, he organized and participated in the artists Development Forum of China national art network. In May 2021, the cursive “preface to Orchid Pavilion” was successfully sold in Beijing Huizhen international auction house. In 2017, Shandong Lingang branch of China Education Television ink painting and Calligraphy Academy was established. He also has two calligraphy training schools, among which Jinan new starting point calligraphy training school is a member of China hard pen calligraphy association and an evaluation base for Chinese Youth Calligraphy





On the afternoon of May 11, 2021, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of Mentougou District Party committee, sponsored by Beijing Mentougou District Bureau of culture and tourism, Beijing Mentougou District Federation of literary and art circles, and co sponsored by Yongdinghe Cultural Museum, Beijing Yongdinghe Cultural Research Association, Mentougou District Artists Association, Mentougou District Calligraphers Association, Beijing CTV cultural center of aesthetic education, Beijing The invitation exhibition of calligraphy and painting works of famous artists held by CTV trunk line to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of CTV was solemnly opened in Yongdinghe cultural museum

Wei Yuan, a calligrapher, was invited to participate in the exhibition. Together with the artists, he inherited and carried forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, strengthened artistic exchanges, recorded great historical achievements in the form of calligraphy and painting exhibitions, displayed the glorious history and great achievements of the century

The exhibition is held to celebrate the Centennial birthday. In the form of calligraphy and painting, it shows the achievements of building the party building brand of “red Mentougou” and the city brand of “green water and green mountain Mentougou”, so as to enhance cultural confidence and strengthen green development; We should draw on the wisdom and strength of the red culture in Mentougou old area, further stimulate the spiritual motivation of the broad masses of Party members, cadres and masses to speak of dedication and strive for the first, and strive to consciously practice the new development concept and build a new development pattern. This exhibition is of great significance to strengthen the artistic exchange between the calligraphers and painters in and outside the area, broaden their horizons, increase their skills, and constantly improve the creative level of Mentougou’s calligraphy and painting works



Wei Yuzhong, also known as Wei Yuan, is a famous calligrapher and painter from Hubei Province. He graduated from Beijing University of Finance and economics, and now lives in Beijing for a long time. Under the guidance of Mr. Wang Gongchao, an apprentice of Mr. Jiao Kequn, President of the Central Academy of fine arts, he is the executive director of the National Calligraphy Association. He has won the national top ten outstanding works Award for many times, and founded Wei dayian bookstore

this year COVID-19 has been raging. The founder of the company, Mr. Wei Yuzhong (calligrapher Wei Yuan), responds to the call of the state, takes an active part in public cultural activities, and enthusiastically participates in cultural promotion activities with celebrities of various cultural festivals to express the determination of the cultural circles and the masses to overcome the epidemic situation. p>

Wei Yuan, a calligrapher, had a cultural exchange with Huang xingcang, a famous Chinese scholar and founder of Guangdong Star House, and Qi Baishi, a descendant of the master of Beijing Mochen Jinge painting and Calligraphy Academy

Wei Yuan, a calligrapher, believes that Chinese writing has a special tool, which makes it a special art. The beauty of Chinese calligraphy is the beauty of line, force, light and individuality. Good writing not only shows the writer’s moral cultivation, but also shows respect for the viewer. Therefore, from the practical point of view, calligraphy is an artistic accomplishment that people who study Chinese culture must possess. When we study calligraphy, we should first love beauty, like beautiful things, like beautiful Chinese characters and wonderful calligraphy. It is only the minimum practical requirement to write well and write clearly and correctly





Xu Yu was born in Fuping, Shaanxi Province in December 1949. He is a national special calligrapher, a state guest, a special painting and calligraphy artist, and a lifelong honorary president of Confucius Institute. Member of Chinese Calligrapher Association. Xi’an calligraphy college. Director of Chinese Poetry Research Association. Chinese painting and calligraphy society, vice president of Chinese painting and Calligraphy Academy, honorary president of Beijing contemporary universal painting and Calligraphy Academy. Honorary president of Taipei Palace Museum. He is the executive director of the first Alibaba international calligraphy and Painting Research Institute and a lifelong honorary art consultant










On May 25, the list of entries of 2020 “Chinese calligraphy annual exhibition” national calligraphy works exhibition was announced. Lu Lai, a calligraphy lover in Qingyun County, entered the exhibition. Lu Lai’s works ranked in the top 100 in points were included in the third album calligraphy exhibition in 2018. According to the rules for individual membership of China Calligraphers Association, Lu Lai has been qualified to apply for membership of China Calligraphers Association