The work was collected by the Huaxia Heritage Protection Research Institute of the Ministry of culture, and collected by the American philatelic group in 2017. It was made into stamps and distributed around the world. In 2016, he participated in the compilation activity of the chronicles of contemporary Chinese Shandong and Taiwan calligraphers and painters, and was permanently collected by Shandong Oriental Art Museum, China century calligraphy and Painting Association, and won the group Excellence Award in the second national calligraphy art network competition. From 2017 to 2018, he was invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala of China Education TV station “splashing ink on Chinese feelings” for two consecutive years, and wrote the Spring Festival couplets for the audience. He was awarded the National Excellent Award in the 2018 national art competition of the list of famous Chinese artists. In December 2018, he won the award in the selection of works on display in the Bangkok Cultural Museum of Thailand and was collected by the Bangkok Cultural Museum of Thailand. In 2019, as the sponsor of the city, he organized and participated in the long volume writing of applying for world records. In November 2019, the work struggle was collected by the diplomats of the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in China during the national day of the Republic of Albania. During the epidemic in 2020, he organized and participated in the artists Development Forum of China national art network. In May 2021, the cursive “preface to Orchid Pavilion” was successfully sold in Beijing Huizhen international auction house. In 2017, Shandong Lingang branch of China Education Television ink painting and Calligraphy Academy was established. He also has two calligraphy training schools, among which Jinan new starting point calligraphy training school is a member of China hard pen calligraphy association and an evaluation base for Chinese Youth Calligraphy



Cui Hanbai was born in Tianjin in 1963. He graduated from Tianjin Medical University in 1987. In 1993, he went to the United States to study and work. He returned to China in January 2006. In 2009, he was employed as a teacher in Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine

He once served as vice president of Yanhuang Artists Association, vice president of East West Art Exchange Association, Secretary General of Lanting pen association, director of Chinese Art Association, and one of the directors of International Artists Association

He studied calligraphy in 1966. In 1976, he studied seal cutting under the guidance of Professor Gao Jingming, President of Tianjin Academy of fine arts, and Professor Wang Xuezhong of Tianjin University. In the same year, he studied seal cutting under the guidance of Mr. Xu Guling and official script under the guidance of Mr. Gong Wang

As early as when I was studying in University, I was a lecturer of calligraphy society. When I went to the United States, I was a teacher of calligraphy private school for six years. He taught calligraphy at California State University. After returning to China, he gave many academic lectures in Hubei Academy of fine arts, Hubei University, Baotou Baoyun hall, etc. He was once employed by Tianjin Normal University as a calligraphy teacher to teach calligraphy courses. He has published dozens of calligraphy works and art theory articles in newspapers and magazines, and his papers have won awards in Tianjin Youth Calligraphy Creation forum. His works have been selected and invited to more than 40 national exhibitions, among which more than 10 have won awards. Recently, he won the highest award of the second China album exhibition, the highest award of the first China regular script exhibition, and the gold award of the Seventh National Lanting award



On April 14, the 7th Lanting award exhibition of Chinese calligraphy was held in Shaoxing. At the award ceremony, a gold award was withdrawn on the spot, so Mr. Cui Hanbai became the only winner of the Gold Award for creation on the spot“ “Withdrawing awards on site” has aroused heated discussion in the industry

Some people have analyzed that the “award withdrawal incident” is the result of the handling of relevant complaints by the China Association for library science and technology; This incident also has something to do with the influence of Wang Xiaoli, chairman of Qinghai Art Association, who plagiarized recently. The specific situation needs further investigation and disclosure by relevant departments


This year’s Lanting award will highlight the evaluation standard of the combination of virtue, art and calligraphy. While taking the level of creation as an important yardstick for the award, it will also pay comprehensive attention to and consider the contributors’ cultural quality, artistic accumulation, innovative consciousness, moral integrity, and their contributions and achievements to the art of calligraphy and society




Zixu, a member of Zhongyuan, was fond of calligraphy when he was young. He was good at regular script. He was a beginner of Ouyang Xun’s “Li Quan Ming of Jiucheng Palace” and learned many Wei Kai, running script, cursive script and official script