Hello, everyone. When it comes to Chinese calligraphy, are you very interested? Because the Chinese calligraphy culture is the crystallization of the wisdom of ancient Chinese, it is precisely because there are many calligraphers in ancient China, so the Chinese characters in our country have also been written the artistic beauty of calligraphy, especially Wang Xizhi’s “preface to Lanting”, which is loved by many calligraphy lovers, so “preface to Lanting” is also known as the first line of calligraphy in the world! Under the influence of ancient calligraphers in our country, there are many calligraphy lovers in our life today. Today, we are very familiar with this calligraphy lover. He is brother Zhu Zhiwen

When it comes to Zhu Zhiwen, a grassroots peasant singer, we all like him very much. He not only likes his beautiful singing, especially his character of being a hostage, but also wins the praise of many netizens. Although he was born in a peasant family, he also made a lot of money with his singing and built roads for the village. Especially in this epidemic in Wuhan, brother Zhu Zhiwen donated 1.4 million yuan, This kind of love is enough to make every fan of Zhu Zhiwen proud, and Zhu Zhiwen also has a talent, that is, his calligraphy is also beautiful

We can see that Zhu Zhiwen in the picture above is writing Chinese calligraphy very seriously. In terms of his manner, he is very serious. Moreover, there are calligraphy lovers around him enjoying Zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy. We can also see a spirit from Zhu Zhiwen’s writing actions, that is, no matter what we do, we should take it seriously. As long as we have a serious attitude, we will succeed, He must be able to write beautiful calligraphy. How about Zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy? Now let’s take a look at Zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy work, which can definitely be regarded as the level of calligraphy major

The photo above is a group photo of the calligraphy collector and Zhu Zhiwen. We can see that they are holding Zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy works together. We can also see Zhu Zhiwen’s simplicity from the calligraphy content: “be a good man and sing a good song”. Although there are only six words, they have written Zhu Zhiwen’s idea of human physiology. Besides, being a man is the first thing, and the second thing is to sing well, This idea has also won the praise of netizens, and calligraphy is also very beautiful, a painting to write the artistic beauty of calligraphy, compared with the ugly master or more like Zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy

Because of his simplicity and talent, Zhu Zhiwen has won the favor of many netizens. Therefore, many fans of Zhu Zhiwen think that Zhu Zhiwen’s calligraphy works are also very valuable. Even if a word costs 40000 yuan, some collectors are willing to collect them, because what they collect is Zhu Zhiwen’s noble spirit. Through calligraphy, they can realize Zhu Zhiwen’s noble quality, The value of such works is still very high



Preface: speaking of calligraphy, it has become one of the specialties of many students. As the traditional culture of our country, many Chinese families very much hope that their children can have a good hand in calligraphy. After all, Chinese people have high requirements for writing, and calligraphy can cultivate a calm and calm character. Many artists in the entertainment circle have good calligraphy skills, such as Zhao Zhongxiang, a well-known CCTV host, but it’s not surprising that the older generation of artists are good at calligraphy. In contrast, Xu Jinglei is also very fond of calligraphy writing. She is proficient in techniques and elegant font. She is a full practitioner. Sun Li is also a famous teacher. She often publishes photos of practicing calligraphy on microblog and recently participated in calligraphy exhibition

Speaking of ugly calligraphy, it has been controversial in society for many times. It is a kind of calligraphy font without law. The reason why it has been controversial is that it only talks about skills and lacks connotation, which has been rejected and criticized by many famous orthodox calligraphers. Chinese calligraphy is the most art form with Chinese characteristics, so it is often shelved, it is difficult to get public resonance. Yu Junjian, a well-known vocal artist in the entertainment circle, said frankly that ugly calligraphy is a blasphemy to Chinese calligraphy, so it is imperative to dissolve the Chinese Calligraphy Association! He can be said to represent the attitude of a group of people towards ugly calligraphy. They all adhere to the orthodox habit and connotation of calligraphy, so they completely deny the artistry of ugly calligraphy

The reason why ugly calligraphy has been so controversial is that some people deliberately write such eye-catching fonts and turn them into a means of making money. Some people say that it is a means of opportunism. These people cheat around under the name of “abstract” calligraphy. It can be said that there is a big problem in moral character. Therefore, rejecting ugly books seems to be an imperative social issue, otherwise it will have a negative impact on teenagers and young people. Learning calligraphy is originally a way to learn traditional culture, but also an elegant art form, and the existence of ugly calligraphy will affect young people’s aesthetic of calligraphy. No matter what we do, we should keep the correct idea in our heart and set up the standard of qualification, so that we can do line by line. At the same time, in this era of forgetting calligraphy, we should adhere to the traditional standard of calligraphy and the correct aesthetic



In the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture and art, calligraphy has a position that the world outside the Chinese character cultural circle can’t match. In today’s society, many people have taken calligraphy classes since childhood, or have interests in this field. They are proud to be able to write calligraphy. When it comes to the major of calligraphy, many art examinees feel that it’s not popular. They think that they can only make a living by selling calligraphy in the future. In fact, there are many colleges and universities offering calligraphy major in China, but the scale of talent training is limited

In many people’s minds, calligraphy is often equated with hobbies and personal cultivation, but they are still unfamiliar with the major of calligraphy. Although calligraphy has a long history in China for thousands of years, it is still after 2013 that calligraphy becomes an independent major. At present, more than 80 colleges and universities in China have set up calligraphy major at the undergraduate stage. Among them, * is concerned about art colleges. Especially the calligraphy major of the Central Academy of fine arts and other art colleges, many candidates have to apply for the examination even if they want to repeat it. In addition, normal colleges and universities are also large enrollment of calligraphy, such as Beijing Normal University, Jiangsu Normal University and so on. The setting up of calligraphy major in normal universities is closely related to the strong demand for calligraphy teaching talents in recent years. More and more other types of colleges and universities have also set up calligraphy major, including the Central University of Finance and economics and other financial institutions, as well as Xi’an Jiaotong University and other universities which are good at engineering. The enrollment institutions and enrollment of this major are growing rapidly








The rise of Chinese calligraphy art began with the emergence of Chinese characters. “The sound can not be transmitted in a different place, but remains in a different time, so the characters are born. Words are the traces of meaning and sound. ” As a result, words came into being. The masterpieces of calligraphy art are not characters, but some depicting symbols – hieroglyphs or pictographs. The symbols of Chinese characters first appeared on pottery*** The initial characterization symbol only represents a general concept of chaos, and has no exact meaning. The rise of Chinese calligraphy art began with the emergence of Chinese characters. “The sound can not be transmitted in a different place, but remains in a different time, so the characters are born. Words are the traces of meaning and sound. ” As a result, words came into being. The masterpieces of calligraphy art are not characters, but some depicting symbols – hieroglyphs or pictographs. The symbols of Chinese characters first appeared on pottery*** The initial characterization symbol only represents a general concept of chaos, and has no exact meaning

2. Hu Tongshu’s calligraphy and painting art teaching materials are copyrighted and patented. It has 181 courses of hard pen calligraphy teaching materials, 696 courses of soft pen calligraphy teaching materials, 667 courses of painting teaching materials, and hundreds of teachers’ demonstration works and students’ works. The essence of the teaching is highly refined from the actual teaching practice. The dry cargo is full of originality and originality, and has great operability. p>






In this era, there are many artists with the flavor of the times and distinctive personal style. They take the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture as their own responsibility, make continuous efforts and innovation, look through the ancient and modern, integrate the Chinese and western, make Chinese painting and calligraphy art present a new look, and gradually push Chinese art to the peak of world art. In order to explore and display the style and excellent works of contemporary artists, a large-scale activity “Chinese contemporary artists” was jointly selected by many units to show contemporary artists to the whole country and the public

Mr. you Benlin, a famous contemporary Chinese calligrapher, was born in Pukou District, Nanjing. He graduated from Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine and Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine in his early years. He is a contemporary cultural scholar who is rigorous in academic research and well versed in Chinese and Western culture. His outstanding contribution lies in the international dissemination and promotion of Chinese traditional medicine and calligraphy culture. He is now the executive director of the Chinese Academy of painting, the president of the Chinese Calligraphers Association of Australia, the president of the Australian branch of the world Chinese Calligraphers Association, and the president of the Jiangsu Association of Australia

In 1985, at the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up, Mr. Youben Lin co published papers on traditional Chinese medicine at the world medical information conference. He has co translated and published eight TCM works, including Cixi Guangxu prescription selection and Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, edited by academicians Chen Keji and Cheng Shennong respectively. He has successively served as an international observer of the World Health Organization, a consultant of traditional medicine and a five level translator of the Geneva department. He is also the youngest reviewer of the English version of the complete collection of Chinese and English controlled TCM published by higher education press. In Australia, he used traditional Chinese medicine to cure a large area of patients with bilateral leg ulcers who were judged to have only half a year survival by western medicine, and used acupuncture to cure migraine patients who were on the verge of despair from intensive care unit, which was deeply trusted and respected by patients. He has translated the whole set of parallel style questions of the Chinese version of the Chinese medicine qualification examination in Australia

Mr. you Benlin has been a keen calligrapher since he was a child. He was a blackboard newspaper writer in junior high school. At the end of 1974, Mr. Lin Sanzhi, a fellow villager, wrote the word “Xiaoqiao” for the newly completed Chuhe highway bridge in his hometown, which started his pursuit of Chinese calligraphy. After graduation, he studied calligraphy theory and practice systematically under Hou Jingchang’s teacher in his alma mater




Chen Zhenyuan, Zihao. Born in 1944, he is a famous calligraphy educator. Currently, he is the president of the Academy of Chinese calligraphy and art, the director of the Federation of Chinese calligraphy and painting circles, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, and a member of the calligraphy and painting channel of CCTV. Chen Zhenyuan’s acting partner, Beijing yunmo calligraphy and painting academy, is dedicated to the study of calligraphy art. At the same time, he is dedicated to promoting traditional art and serving people’s life, We also cooperated with founder of Peking University in the production of Chen Zhenyuan’s regular script founder font. Through repeated tempering, his artistic achievements will be permanently preserved in founder’s cultural treasure house, leaving the “shape” and “soul” of Chen Style regular script for the majority of calligraphy lovers



Calligraphy is a highly cultivated and basic Chinese character writing art. It is the most classic national symbol in the development of Chinese traditional culture and art for 5000 years. It deeply reflects the Calligraphers’ accumulation of artistic connotation and aesthetic feeling





Recently, Oriental International School of Jiangshan Education Group solemnly held the opening ceremony of calligraphers entering the campus and “Liyan” teachers’ calligraphy training class, focusing on “writing Chinese characters well and being Chinese people well”, and writing down-to-earth big articles of “establishing morality and cultivating people”. Sun Jinxuan, a well-known calligrapher, and Dai Zhaojun, vice chairman of Jiangshan education group, attended the class opening ceremony.



Sun Zhongwu, member of Shandong hard pen Calligraphers Association, chief lecturer of Yicheng Calligraphers Association and Liyan teacher calligraphy training class, briefly introduced the preparation and training plan of Liyan teacher calligraphy training class.