Yu Youren, born in Sanyuan, Shaanxi Province, is a famous writer, educator and calligrapher in modern China. Its original name is Boxun, and its character is alluring. Later, it is named after “alluring” and homophonic “Youren”; In his later years, he was also known as “Taiping old man”. Modern Chinese calligrapher, founder of Fudan University, Shanghai University, national northwest agriculture and Forestry College (now northwest agriculture and Forestry University)

Yu Youren’s calligraphy in the Northern Wei Dynasty regular script into the running script and official script, it can be said that the integration of stele in a furnace, forming his unique calligraphy. Especially in his later years, his cursive script has reached a state of perfection. It’s very dangerous and has no resemblance. In his works, he melts the cursive script into Zhang Cao, Jin Cao and Kuang Cao, which is majestic, natural and unrestrained, simple and plain, and gives people a sense of beauty. Based on the principle of “easy to read, easy to write, accurate and beautiful”, he systematically sorted out the ancient cursive script, selected the standard characters from the numerous works of famous calligraphers, and integrated the standard cursive script. It has become a great creation in the study of philology and a new peak in the development history of cursive script. It is known as “modern cursive sage”, “modern calligrapher” and “one of the three milestones in the history of Chinese calligraphy”

Lin Yutang once commented on Yu Youren and said: “among the contemporary calligraphers, Yu Youren is the best model in terms of character and calligraphy. His status today depends partly on his calligraphy fame.” However, Yu Youren was not proud or extravagant in his life because he was famous at home and abroad. After Yu Youren’s death, “vice president of the supervisory yuan” Li Sicong, “secretary general” Jia Shuo, “legislator” Cheng cangbo, and Yu Wangde, Yu’s eldest son, went to find Yu Youren’s will, but it disappeared. When he opened his safe, people were shocked: there was no treasure or stock in the safe, most of which were important diaries and letters; The draft of the loan slip issued for the third young master Yu Zhongling to raise travel expenses for studying abroad, as well as the bill of tens of thousands of Yuan borrowed from the adjutant song Zicai at ordinary times; And the cloth shoes and socks that his wife Gao Zhonglin sewed for him in his early years. After the mystery of the iron box was solved, people praised: “you old legacy, only bills, honest self suffering, the model of the elder.”《 Chen Zuhua, editor-in-chief of Europe daily, wrote that “the Qing Dynasty is a typical example of the past.”

In recent years, the art market has set off a wave of upsurge in collecting famous artists in the early Republic of China. After experiencing the high point of “commemorating the centennial of 1911” in 2011, the overall market entered a period of adjustment in 2012 and 2013. However, the calligraphy works of modern celebrities such as Li Shutong, Yu Youren and Guo Moruo still frequently hit new heights. Some data show that from 1993 to March 20, 2003, Yu Youren’s personal calligraphy works were photographed 5359 times and sold 4771 times, with a total turnover of 529 million yuan. Judging from the Yachang art index, Yu Youren’s works have been on the rise since the fall of 2009. At the 2010 Spring Auction of China Jiade, Yu Youren’s calligraphy special performance had a total turnover of more than 45 million yuan

The popularity of Yu Youren’s calligraphy also depends on his special and historical background. It can be said that each of his works represents the witness of history, which not only has artistic value, but also condenses historical value. Judging from the shooting volume and turnover of Yu Youren’s calligraphy in recent ten years, with the deepening of our understanding of calligraphy, Yu Youren’s calligraphy also shows a steady growth trend. In addition, the market scarcity of the late artists determines that the price elasticity of the supply of his calligraphy and painting works is very small, even zero. Any increase in demand will eventually show up as a rise in price. Therefore, the market potential of Yu Youren’s calligraphy works is still great

In the collection and auction market, Yu Youren’s calligraphy has been regarded as the top quality and treasure. Even in the whole field of calligraphy, Yu Youren’s calligraphy works are very good in circulation and value-added, which can be called the “hard currency” in the calligraphy and painting market. Undoubtedly, it also gives collectors and investors great confidence. If you are interested in Youren’s calligraphy, you can visit Xi’an defengtang gallery





As a big fan of “goddess” director Xu Jinglei, she always pays attention to her movements and likes her friends. As we all know, she is obviously versatile, especially in calligraphy. Moreover, she has profound childlike skills. She practiced calligraphy under the “coercion” of her father when she was a child, and once fell in love with calligraphy. When the performing arts career was booming, she became very popular, She still has a special feeling for calligraphy. She always takes some time to practice calligraphy, and often shows her own calligraphy works. However, her latest works have been exposed. From these works, her calligraphy has a more distinctive personality, and also has a strong feeling of pen and ink. It not only has ancient fragrance and charm, but also has a more obvious personality. Some netizens see it, Some netizens think that “it’s obviously regressive”. Let’s enjoy her calligraphy

From her latest works, her calligraphy has begun to pursue individuality, and in her works, individuality has gradually become prominent. Compared with previous calligraphy works, these works are obviously different, and also have new changes, no matter in the polishing of stippling or the processing of line bar, Many netizens must have felt this change at the first glance




Sun Li has performed many well-known dramas, and her superb acting skills are amazing. She likes to copy calligraphy to pass the time. From time to time, she also challenges thousands of characters, and as time goes by, she can practice good characters. She often shares her life on Weibo. Recently, she went to watch the exhibition of Tong Yanfang, a calligraphy master. She revealed that her works also participated in the exhibition. Her strength was affirmed by the other party, and all her fans were happy for her

Tong Yanfang is not only a painter in the Chinese Academy of painting and a national first-class artist, but also holds important positions in many calligraphy related groups. He is one of the representatives of seal cutting of Shanghai school and occupies a place in the art world. Sun Li mentioned in a recent article that she went to enjoy the calligraphy exhibition of the other party and said with pride that one of her works was also on the exhibition. “I went to join in the fun too. Thank you for your encouragement.”




Actress Sun Li has been on the stage for 18 years. With her plays “the legend of Zhen Huan in the back Palace”, “the legend of MI Yue” and “the full moon that year”, she has become popular in the performing arts circles on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. In private, she is also versatile. She usually loves to copy calligraphy. Her works also participate in the exhibition of calligraphy master Tong Yanfang. After her neat handwriting is exposed, she is praised by a large number of netizens: “empress, she has both ability and political integrity.”

Sun Li said in a post on Weibo on the 16th: “I’m going to take part in teacher Tong’s solo exhibition. Thank you for your encouragement.” It turned out that she went to visit the exhibition of Tong Yanfang, a calligraphy master, and participated in one of her calligraphy works. As a matter of fact, Tong Yanfang is a painter in the Academy of painting and a national first-class artist. He holds an important position in various calligraphy related groups and is one of the representatives of Shanghai style seal cutting. He has a high status in the field of art and can be called a master. Therefore, it is not easy for his works to be affirmed by him and appear in his exhibition

At the same time, Sun Li also published her own calligraphy work of “Prajna paramita Sutra” hanging on the wall, with nearly 300 words. The handwriting of the full text is very neat and vigorous. With the background of gold printing, the excellent calligraphy above the level is not inferior to that of professional calligraphy masters

Netizens can’t help but leave messages praising: “lady is powerful”, “it’s very well written”, “when will Li Li hold an exhibition?”, ““ The characters are like the person, you are wonderful, I am a calligrapher, and I can’t stand it




















Wei Tianchi was born in April 1936 in Dangshan County, Anhui Province. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing Normal University in July 1960. Since September 1960, he has been teaching calligraphy in the Fine Arts Department of Nanjing Normal University (now Nanjing Normal University). He was promoted to Professor of calligraphy in April 1986. He is the first professor of calligraphy in China. He successively learned from Mr. Shen Zishan and Mr. Lin Sanzhi. Calligraphy studies seal, Li, Cao, Kai, Xing, especially good at cursive, vigorous style, unrestrained, elegant and strange. He has participated in many national book exhibitions and foreign exchange exhibitions. He is now a senior professor and doctoral supervisor of calligraphy in Nanjing Normal University, a consultant of the 8th China Calligrapher Association, and a former chairman of Jiangsu Calligrapher Association. He won the lifelong achievement award of the 4th China calligraphy Lanting award in 2013

The chief editors include Yu Youren’s calligraphy collection, Jiangsu Ancient Calligraphy Research Series (three volumes), and the first chief editor, complete works of Chinese calligraphy, Volume 86. The achievements of calligraphy creation include “selected works of weitianchi calligraphy”; At the invitation of Japan, “famous Ink Exhibition of weitianchi” was held in Nagoya; Some calligraphy works have been selected in all previous national calligraphy and seal cutting exhibitions; He has been invited to provide works for international calligraphy exhibitions. While he was engaged in higher calligraphy education, he insisted on engaging in mass calligraphy activities for a long time